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Literacy at Home

Literacy Skills

Literacy Planet

All students have their own username and password

All students at Burnie High School have access to Literacy Planet. This is a targeted digital literacy learning program that covers a range of areas from spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, phonics and sight words. It is directly linked with the Australian Curriculum and is excellent for helping students improve their literacy skills in a fun ‘arcade’ style game, as well as set reading tasks. The program can be accessed both at school and at home, whether on a laptop, tablet or phone. Teachers can adjust the level of each student to ensure the program is targeting their personal skills. This is subtle and not displayed to the student, but means they are getting the appropriate support or extension for them. Teachers also receive reports that demonstrate student understanding.


Reading and Reader’s Notebook 

Reader’s Notebook

All students in grades 7 and 8 have a copy of the Reader’s Notebook. A master copy can be accessed at the above link if you wish to print a full copy to use at home or use any of the reading responses.

Reading – sample texts and recommendations

Topics appropriate for teenagers but varying levels of literacy required. Students can work online or print out PDFs of texts and related exercises. Topics include friendship, weird foods, leaving home, but also some content area topics like the brain, robots, and digital footprints.

A searchable database of fiction and non-fiction texts for students in Grades 5-12. There are comprehension questions, guided reading prompts, and options for paired texts. There are guides with answers to comprehension questions, and linked multimedia videos and other resources to support the text. 

Read Alouds

Articles from the New York Times suitable for teenagers:

Short stories for read alouds:

Stories aimed at a slightly younger grade 4-8 audience. Stories can be printed or read online. Due to licensing, several 'classic' authors.

Reading – Literature - YouTube series called ‘Crash Course’ by John Green on a range of literature-related topics – cartoon and fun, although he talks fast!


  • Premade word lists by subject. Can also be used for quizzes to learn more about the meaning of words.

  • Excellent resource for looking at the meaning of words and connections with other words.